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Res Hall Program

Tutors are in your res hall.

At least one res hall lives in each hall, to serve residents in hours when the Writing Center is closed, and to make tutoring more casual and convenient. Tutors do not have set schedules, but will work with you by arrangement. Tutors have a sign on their door. Your RA will always know where the tutors are in your hall. 

Res hall tutors are in the process of being hired. Contact information will be printed soon.

Interested in becoming a res hall tutor? Contact Mikayla Mrochek,

Dominican Hall

Marshall Hall

Stevie Hall

Regina Hall - East

Regina Hall - West

Res Hall Tutor Supervisors
Jenalee Emmert,

Matilda Vogel,


Mon-Thur 9-9, Fri 9-2, Sun 1-5

No appointment necessary – please walk in


Deb Kruse-Field