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Edgewood College Writing Center

We are open for tutoring for Fall 2017. Please come in. No appointment necessary.

Cocoa & Cram: Wednesday, 12/6/17 from 6-9 in Wingra Commons

Writing Center and Math Lab tutors available for whatever you're working on. Study with friends. Free hot cocoa. No reservation necessary.


10-2 Monday, December 11 through Thursday, December 14. Other hours may be available by appointment. Please contact Angela Woodward at for tutoring outside these hours.

Bio Specialty Hours: 

Science writing tutor available Tuesdays, 4-7. No appointment necessary.

Location: Library, main floor (behind the Printing & Copy Center)

About Us

The Edgewood College Writing Center provides free, drop-in tutoring and feedback for Edgewood students in all classes, at all levels, including graduate. Faculty, staff, and alumni are also welcome. Bring your project at any stage of completion. Often it helps to talk over the assignment with a tutor before you begin. Or we might work with you on final touches to a nearly complete draft. The tutor will ask you where you’re at with the paper, what you’d most like help with, when it’s due, if anyone else has seen it, etc. If you have a paper started, we will ask you to read it over with us, and in most cases, we will start with larger issues such as organization and scope of topic, and work down to sentence-level correctness. It’s also okay to come in with a quick question—How do I cite an interview in my APA paper? What goes on the title page? Allow at least half an hour to work with a tutor. We can print out your paper on our account, or work off your laptop. You do not need an appointment, but you may need to wait or come back later if tutors are busy.

Res Hall Tutoring

There is at least one tutor in every residence hall. These tutors do not have set hours or locations, but will work with you by arrangement. Res hall tutors are ideal for questions when you’re stuck late at night or on the weekend when the Writing Center is closed. You might prefer working with someone in your hall as a more casual and convenient option.  Go to Res Hall contact info


Mon-Thur 9-9, Fri 9-2, Sun 1-5

No appointment necessary – please walk in


Angela Woodward